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With almost 200 member businesses, the CBA has a wide range of services and vendors ready to serve your needs. We encourage you to "Shop Colchester First!"

Here's a quick list of members for your convenience.

Quick List of CBA Members
Business Name Member Name Phone  

Rev. Dr. Charlie Brown 860.537.3082     Learn More

Ron Silberman 860.992.7373     Learn More

Scott McKinney 860.933.1676     Learn More

Josh Hesser 860.531.9061     Learn More

David Santella 860.267.1001     Learn More

Mary Filloramo 860.537.4606     Learn More

Art Langdon 860.537.5292     Learn More

Patricia McCarthy 860.537.9611     Learn More

Mary Bylone 860-531-9624     Learn More

Rhom Saunders 860-537-0293     Learn More

Catherine McNarry 860.537.6699 X567     Learn More

Joyce M Covone 860.608.1708     Learn More

Scott Boyden 860.537.9559     Learn More

Kathy Tarryk (860) 889-4442     Learn More

Joan O'Donnell 860.537.0214     Learn More

Chris Covone 860.537.3155     Learn More

David Turgeon 860.537.6333     Learn More

Dr. Aaron Casey 860.537.2202     Learn More

Christine Warner 1-800-526-3082     Learn More

Kandy & Mark Caccio (860) 228-0450     Learn More

Carolyn Marvin 860.537.4766     Learn More

Cindy Prescott 860.537.4547     Learn More

Fred Brown; President 860.537.0340     Learn More

Dr. Marty Zase 860.537.2351     Learn More

Wendy Dempsey 860.537.2020     Learn More

Dr. Patricia A. Leheny D.C. 860.537.0086     Learn More

Jeff Savitsky 860.786.8866     Learn More

Ginni Falbowski Dominick 860.537.5506     Learn More

Dr. Anthony Morgan 860.537.5520     Learn More

Cheryl Siegmann 860.537.5377     Learn More

Dr. Catherine Hylwa 860.537.2262     Learn More

Andy George, President 860.267.6145     Learn More

Wayne Mohrlein 860.537.9611     Learn More

Mike Goldblatt 860.886.5108     Learn More

Dan Perry 860.818.3221     Learn More

Kelly Whipple 860.537.0082     Learn More

Carol Danielski 860.537.1770     Learn More

Cragin Memorial Library 860.537.5752     Learn More

Heidi Marvin 860.537.2344     Learn More

David Daniels 860.537.3011     Learn More

Chris Gauthier     Learn More

Terry Dominick 860.917.7871     Learn More

Doreen R. Freeman 860.267.7756     Learn More

Bob Nason 860.873.3876     Learn More

Beth LeBlanc (860) 537-1903     Learn More

Jacqueline Enrique 860.334.7977     Learn More

Rodney Ericksen 860.334.7226     Learn More

Cindy Klaja 860.215.1323     Learn More

Dr. Jennifer Lowney 860.537.1918     Learn More

Tony Todt 860.531.3222     Learn More

Christos Valkanos 860.537.3441     Learn More

Judith Dobai 800.595.4912     Learn More

Marie Jurovaty 860.537.4661     Learn More

Gilbert P. Kaback 860.537.0874     Learn More

Kevin C. Connors 860.537.4400     Learn More

Genesis Health Care 860.537.2339     Learn More

Bonnie Suh (860) 859-7107     Learn More

Po Fong 860.537.8788     Learn More

Jerry Wistrom 860-298-8820     Learn More

Joseph Weber 860.295.0111     Learn More

Jason Harris 860.841.5689     Learn More

Joe Dias 860.537.3053     Learn More

Jeff Drucker 860.886.4543     Learn More

David Rudolph 860.657.9691     Learn More

Joseph Broder 860.537.5454     Learn More

Jason McGrath 860.537.9672     Learn More

Sandi Churchill 860.537.7021     Learn More

Denise Belmont 860-537-1444     Learn More

Terry Therien Jr. 860.537.4607     Learn More

Mark White 203.245.7110     Learn More

Darlene Goodwin 860.537.2348     Learn More

Danielle Hutchins 860.537.3218     Learn More

Paula Weber 860.295.0111     Learn More

Fred Brown 860.646.8870     Learn More

Vanessa Brown 860-788-7237     Learn More

Dan Currie 860 889.3848     Learn More

Genia Kariotis 860.267.1518     Learn More

Patrick Martin 860.836.8411     Learn More

Andy Secola 860-257-0677 ext 25069     Learn More

Chris DiPasquale 860.537.3014     Learn More

Mike Wengloski 860.537.2829     Learn More

Andrew Piela 860-995-8596     Learn More

Paul Plotkin 860.537.2317     Learn More

Carol Wierzbinski 860.537.1915     Learn More

Michael Emerling 860-512-2286     Learn More

Christine Baker (860) 383-2290     Learn More

Brendan Reed Lewis 860.531.9627     Learn More

Rich Parzych 860-716-0594     Learn More

Greg Barden 860.608.6990     Learn More

Cliff O'Donal 860.537-1004     Learn More

Beverly O'Donal 860.537.1004     Learn More

Nancy W. Riella 860.537.0070 ext 1     Learn More

Linda Kubas 860.537.7704     Learn More

Jason Baran 860.633.4691     Learn More

Jesse Drake 860.537.3451 X2382     Learn More

Jennifer Height 860.537.2422     Learn More

Anthony Nipper (860) 344-8040     Learn More

Rick Sharr 860.537.3417     Learn More

Debi Rushford 860.537.0353     Learn More

Jack Faski 860.214.1147     Learn More

Dr. J. Carey Laporte, Jr. MD 860.537.9901     Learn More

Paul Catalano 860.537.3338     Learn More

Christopher Cameron (860) 537-2361     Learn More

Jeremy Bourret 860.347.0299     Learn More

Scott Asal 860.537.8616     Learn More

Marc Paradis 860.531.3188     Learn More

Jerry F Kovel 860.537.7380     Learn More

Drew DeBowsky 860.537.0525     Learn More

Tim Kearney 860.531.3250     Learn More

Bruce Goldstein 860.537.7044     Learn More

Brian Thomas 860.537.3996     Learn More

Peg Stroup 860.885.2310     Learn More

Kelly Damaj 860.537.6974     Learn More

First Selectman - Art Shilosky 860.537.7200     Learn More

Town of Colchester 860.537.7297     Learn More

Jimmy Pan 860.537.3800     Learn More

Ash Bashir 860.537.2331     Learn More

Wendy Stowell 860.291.3735     Learn More

Thomas M. Barton 203.235.7777     Learn More

Daniel P. Eberle     Learn More

Nicholas Wisniewski, DO 860-531-3852     Learn More

Mark LaCombe 860.537.8882     Learn More

Stephen Stanulonis 860.537.3700     Learn More

Andy Russell VP/General Manager 860.456.1111     Learn More

Ginger Pensa 860.537.3425     Learn More

Sean Smith 860.705.5764     Learn More